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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Weekly Un-Postables

Legend of Zelda album
Jack Thompson Finds a New Target: Japan
Where do babies come from: CD Cases
Sun To Release MMO Middleware
Fatal1ty - Second Most Feared Sportsman In The World
Inside The DS Rumble Pak
White Stripes cover Tegan and Sara - Downloadable
Apple sells 1 million videos in first 20 days
Hear Us Now - Video about Media Ownership
This or That - An Adult Gameshow

From Boing Boing
RIAA/MPAA make appearance in Foxtrot
400 year old tea-serving robot kit
HOWTO punish bloggers, a tutorial for businesses from Forbes
Putting-milk-in-cereal patent-application
In-game pixel art made by shoving together crates
Dream house photoshopping contest
Penny Arcade On Blogging - You haven't seen this strip