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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Weekly Un-Postables

(Liquid-nitro rose being shot captured in high speed photos)

Worst Halloween Costumes Ever - Not Safe For Work
Xbox 360 Jump Rope Commercial - Video
Penny Arcade Timeline
Threats on MySpace shut down school
Revolution technical specs to remain under wraps - They will never be officially released
Back to the Future DeLorean made using Lego
Grumpkins - Crazy Pumpkins
This or That - Adult Gameshow - Not Safe For Work-ish

From Boing Boing:
Finnish copyright minister carries fake Prada bag
No trademark on strawberry scent
Science shouldn't use copyright to silence Creationists
Indy Coffee Stores Dressing as Zombie Starbucks Employees - For Halloween
Halloween at Tokyo Disneyland - Pictures
Israel using sonic booms of jets as "nonlethal weapons" in Gaza
Sea-pirates chased off with sonic blasts
Cinemas as police-states: why box-office revenue is in decline?
Electronic voting machine rejects Governator - Owned

Reader Submissions:
Pumpkin Case Mod - Thanks Chad!
Host can't stop laughing at guest - Video - Thanks Kyle!