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Monday, December 05, 2005

7 Floor: Large Artistic Nude Website

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Like I've mentioned before, pron related linkage is not really what this site is about. But I have made a few exceptions to this rule, usually when there's a reason to be interested in it.

I blogged earlier about a website which had 1,801 Black and White artistic nudes. I even dared people to view each and every image, and although people took up the challenge it seemed to wear them out. Their patience that is.

7 Floor is quite similar to the previously mentioned website, in that it has a large number of Black and White artistic nude images. 1824 infact. The site is also much better managed for those worried about their bandwidth. It seems to have a number of recognisable celebrities on the site such as Jessica Alba, a lady from Sex in the City and what appeared to be Ally McBeal, but I might just been imagining things.

Warning: Not Safe For Work

Link (via Fazed)