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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Arnold and Jackie Chan Terminate Piracy

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This is one of the best anti-piracy videos I've ever seen. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan are dressed up in Leather Jackets riding and on Motorcycles, all obviously a reference to the Terminator movies.

The blue screening is terrible, and as the two ESL Hollywood Stars speak about the dangers of Piracy they dodge the flaming wreckage of the Movie Industry. Literally.

The Governor Says:
Stamping out piracy is good for trade, good for our economies, and good for consumers. The illegal duplication and marketing of all sorts of products, from medical equipment to DVDs is stealing from the workers who design and manufacture the real goods, harming the consumers who purchase the fakes, and hindering job growth.

I'm glad anti-piracy is good for the consumer. You can also view the video as Quicktime.

Link (Thanks Adam!)