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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Final Fantasy: Energy Potions

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Square-Enix is releasing an Energy Drink, or rather Energy Potions based off its Final Fantasy Series.

Suntory, famous for their whiskeys, Boss canned coffees, and oolong teas, will target a relaxing but energizing taste for the drink. Six potential bottles designs were on display, all in blue crystal, as well as character art cards to be included in the Final Fantasy XII Potion Premium Box.

I can't figure out what's worse, that they're selling Energy Potions, or that I want one. Who needs to drink them, I just want one in my room! I also argued yesterday with my fellow computer science students about alternate reality Star Trek Universes (where all the good characters are evil), and whether or not the "Good" characters obtained beards when they became evil.

Yes I am single.

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