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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Impromptu Wal-Mart Dance Party

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This site made me smile. A group of 25 "punks, sceneagers and freaks" attempted three separate dance parties in Wal-Mart. Each attempt got a little more organized as they sent one person in before hand to set up boomboxes with CDs so that once everyone arrived they could start dancing right away.

We weren't terribly organized on our first attempt. One of our friends brought an ipod w/ an iRok transmitter and a forward guard had tuned all the boom boxes to the same transmitter station. In the mean time, there was a gang of at least 25 punks, sceneagers and freaks hanging around the electronics section trying to figure out how to not look suspicious. Once all the boom boxes got tuned and we got "Safety Dance" going. they just came and shut off the power to the entire section.

I like the idea of good natured pranks and misconduct. It looked like the stores for the most part were either confused or generally amused by their antics. It'd be fun to try and get a group together to do something similar around my town.