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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Knife City: Anti-Knife Campaign

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This is an interesting ad campaign designed to tell kids that carrying a knife is not a game. In the video, the main character is a character from a videogame and his world is entirely virtual. When he runs into some other kids and gets into a scuffle, knives are drawn and one of them gets stabbed. As the kid goes down, the computer generated character slowly turns into a real person.

The video was obviously inspired by Grand Theft Auto type videogames and is part of a campaign in the UK.

"We're targeting 13- to 17-year-olds who we are only too aware are highly sceptical of and potentially resistant to official campaigns such as this. Our message is clear: get involved with knives and you risk becoming a victim or ending up in prison," a Met spokesperson explained.

While I understand and support the message, I feel that the 13 to 17 year old kids will not respond well to this commercial. This ad gives the impression that kids who play violent videogames have a lack of understanding about the real world around them, or that they are ignorant about reality in general. This video also reinforces negative stereotypes for gamers, something that I personally do not respect.

Update: Alice from Wonderland has pointed out that she believes she knows exactly where the filming for this commercial took place. She's posted a number of screenshot and photo comparisons. Good job Alice!

Update: Weefz points out the Don't Die Before You've Lived road safety ads which use movies in a similar way that Knife City uses videogames to get a point across. Check it out.
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