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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Legend of Segata Sanshiro

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The Sega Saturn commercials in Japan had a very successful run and featured a character called Segata Sanshiro who beat the crap out of you if you didn't play Sega Saturn all the time. He had no pity for people who got exercise, danced or did any normal outdoor activity. If you weren't playing Sega Saturn, he would kick your ass.

Sanshiro was a Judo master that tracked down and beat up people who were not playing the Sega Saturn. His name sounds similar to the phrase "Sega Saturn shiro!" meaning roughly "You must play Sega Saturn!"

The Saturn had a full and fairly successful life across the pond in Japan. While it couldn't compete with the Playstation or N64 in terms of 3D graphics, it had the best 2D hardware on the block and sported some lovely 2D games... Which probably wouldn't have sold over here. Let's be honest with ourselves though. It wasn't the games that won over the hearts of Japan. It was a man.


There's a bunch of great videos here, check them out. If you want more information about Segata Sanshiro Wikipedia has a pretty good article about him.

Link (via Kotaku)