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Friday, December 23, 2005

McDonalds Meat Helmet

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The Meat Helmet is an attempt to show the absurdity of current trends from Fast Food Restaurants to try and cater to the "Health Conscious Consumer". Examples such as the Step Counter and offering salads with Big Macs juxtapose Healthy Eating with high fat and calorie intakes.

The Meat Helmet takes this absurd concept even further by making the consumer wear a gadget which forces an eating workout depending on the amount of calories they're eating.
The Big Mac is a standard unit in fast food iconography. It also has 560 calories, and if you want to eat one and be physically fit - "Meat Helmet" will teach you the arduous pains of enjoying such a luxury. Pneumatic 'air muscles' control the helmet, forcing the user to eat at intervals specified by a CPU located on a belt. The on-board program sends out commands to an electronic valve, which controls the supply of compressed air to the air muscles. A keypad allows the user to punch-in the amount of calories about to be consumed (Big Mac = 560), where the program will calculate how many chews are needed to burn them off (chewing = 70 calories/hour), commencing the forced-chewing upon the user (8 hour workout!).

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