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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Milestones and Marketshare: 100 Million PS2s Shipped

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Sony boasted their numbers this week, having just reached the 100 million marker in PS2's shipped. To make the math easy, let's assume second-hand sales will match warranty returns. That brings us to 1 in 60 people having had a PS2. I'm no demographics expert, so I won't bring children, roommates, and significant others into this, but Sony ends up with some pretty impressive numbers, especially considering how much of the world wouldn't have the financial capability to purchase one.

Looking at the problematic release of the XBOX360 the week before, one might wonder whether it was pushed forward to make sure Microsoft was seen as having moved on before Sony delivered the coup de grace of the passing console generation. The console wars can seem more violent than the games oft made for them.

PS: Someone inform this guy that the disc is in backwards.