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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Morning Musume vs. Bob Sapp

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The Morning Musume show requires a little bit of explanation:
Morning Musume is an ultra-commercialized all-girl J-Pop group from Japan that often changes its members. ITheir act revolves around singing and dancing to generally upbeat melodies.

The show tends to be a little strange, and they're put in weird situations. One example of this could be the morning musume vs. lizard video in which the band members wore pork chops on their foreheads and stuck their heads in a giant lizard cage. I didn't really think the video was tasteful enough to warrent a full post, but you can check it out if you like.

This video shows Bob Sapp, some sort of fighter/wrestler on the show covered in balloons. He has to pop all the girls' balloons while keeping them away from his. This scene feels a little exploitative, and I'm not sure where to start, but there's something quite satisfying in seeing a bunch of tiny and screaming Japanese girls running in fear from a large black dude.

Link (via Giant Mecha)