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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Revolution Controller FPS Demonstration

[Media: Video]

Someone went through the trouble of testing out a Nintendo Revolution setup for a FPS using Half Life 2. They used a Gyration mouse for the right hand, and a one handed PS1 controller for the left hand. They then took footage of the controller and Half Life 2 to demonstrate how this works and posted it on Google Video.

For this I am using the Gyration Ultra mouse which is ideal for the situation. I read somewhere once that Nintendo were in talks with Gyration when developing the controller. If the sensors in the Rev are anything like the mouse, then I would expect it to be very accurate in what it does.

It does not always detect movement, only when I press down on a button on the bottom of the mouse. This allows for centralisation should I need to turn further than my wrist will allow.

Second up, for the left hand I am using the ASCII grip one handed PS1 controller.

For more information on how this was done, check out this forum post

Link (via Kotaku)