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Monday, January 23, 2006

81 Man Starburst Parachute Formation

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After taking a look at this amazing 81 Man Starburst Parachute Formation is pretty awe inspiring. The courage, skill and preparation needed to pull such a feat off is amazing. Last November (last year as far as I know), they pulled off this world record stunt just as the sun was rising.

NASA has an article describing the process as well as some larger pictures of the Starburst Pattern.
Once under way, the formation had to develop quickly as the divers dropped toward the Earth. "The whole formation descends at 1,000 feet per minute," said Keenan.

Two more waves of planes arrived, streaming in divers and swelling the size of the formation. When the 81st person docked, he keyed his radio and shouted into it for each of the jumpers to hear: "Complete!" The "81-way" dive took 9 minutes and 12 seconds to come together, and was held in formation for 26 seconds. The next words heard over the radio were "starburst, starburst" - the command to break up the diamond formation and come in for a landing. "We had heard the complete call -- we knew we had got it -- so we were yelling and hollering and high-fiving and jumping around in the field," said Hillebrandt.

Read the rest of the article and follow the link to check out the video.

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