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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

ABC: Google Tour

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ABC has a really neat video tour of Google's head offices and how Google treats their employees. The reporter looks mystified that people actually work at a place where they can get free meals (As shown by the picture above, of Google's Kitchen), haircuts and scooters. The place looks like a gigantic campus, everyone is wearing casual clothes and looks genuinely happy that they work there.

The reporter also didn't seem to understand what benefit a bunch of toys brings a person working in an office job. The programmer said that it helps him feel relaxed and it allows him to take a break from the problem he's working on. I want to make a comment about that actually.

As a programmer myself, I can totally understand the benefit of having an office full of toys. You would be amazed how many times I (and many other people) have solved complicated problems by walking away from the computer, going to get something to eat or drink, standing on the porch or taking a drive. Your brain works in mysterious ways, and sometimes not thinking is the best way to solve a problem. That's why some toys and puzzles in the office is a great idea.

Link (via Giant Mecha)