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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

BBC Program Broadcasts From Second Life

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Newsnight on the BBC has done an excellent piece on Online gaming mostly focusing on "Second Life". What's interesting is that part of the program took place in Second Life with the Newsroom and editor Peter Barron recreated right inside the game.
I got in touch with Cory Edo - real name Sara Van Gorden - who runs a business in Second Life designing avatars - the idealised 3D personas that people use as their online identities.

Cory recreated the Newsnight set, Jeremy Paxman and myself - the latter with wrinkles and stubble rendered in full 3D realism, sadly - so we could record the historic "two-way" that will go out before my piece on online games.

What makes this piece special is that it gives those unfamiliar with Internet gaming a good glimpse into a world that is pretty strange even to most gamers. It's nice to see a mainstream journalism piece take the subject seriously and come back from it with a sense of wonder.

In comparison the article from The Times, Gory games that can warp your brain which I read yesterday is a good example of negative mainstream news approaching the subject of gaming. I was so annoyed with this piece that I actually wrote a letter to the Editor.

In anycase, check out the video clip about Second Life. It's about 14 minutes long, informative and balanced.

Link (via Slashdot)