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Monday, January 30, 2006

CFUN's Pia Shandel And Her Anti Gamer Comments

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Last week I wrote an article in which I mentioned Pia Shandel from the CFUN radio station and her anti-gamer comments. I started emailing Kotaku about the radio show and Brian Ashcroft put up a good account of what transpired on the show.

I just want to add that there were a couple of other comments that Pia Shandel made since the writing of both articles. One of the things she said "No wonder girls are having a hard time becoming inspired by men these days when all they're doing is playing videogames". And today after tuning in again to see if I could listen to her show I heard her say this: "Online Gamers call it a community, but it's more like a cult! Games are designed to be addictive and it's similar to when junkies get together to share drugs. Games are terrible, I just don't get it!"

Well it looks like Kevin from GoNintendo decided to try to get an interview with Pia Shandel to set the record straight. What ended up happening was that Pia Shandel had a lengthy discussion with Kevin about the topic of gamers.
I couldn’t believe the stuff I was hearing from her. She took the typical viewpoint of fat, pale, kids sitting in a dark basement with no friends. I kid you not, she made those statements. The combination of her rant mixed in with my anger over never having received any confirmation from her made me take matters into my own hand. I listened for the number to the station, called her show long distance JUST so that I could try and make some sense of what she was saying. When I got in touch I explained that I was Kevin Cassidy from GoNintendo.com, to which she replied with something along the lines of I am extremely happy that you called to talk on the show. No mention of emails or forgotten phone calls was made. She then asked where I was from and put me on hold. When she came back she called me Tom and I had to correct her. Luckily this was before I got on the air. Then as she was introducing me she had already forgotten where I was from, but her phone helper filled her in. So began a conversation…a conversation where I thought it was very obvious that Pia had no idea what she was talking about, but had plenty of opinions on it.

Hopefully Kevin will elaborate on what was discussed because I'm finding this really interesting due to the fact that Shandel is a local radio host. Make sure to follow the link to read the whole story.

Update: Whoops! There's an MP3 of the interview, check it out, it's quite fascinating. My favorite part of the Interview was when Pia Shandel referred to an incident where a fatal car crash was linked to Need for Speed. Apparently a copy of Need for Speed was found in the driver side of the car and thus the Toronto Sun linked the game to the accident. Pia Shandel said: "The game was found in the car, thereby proving that [they were re-enacting the game]."

It frightens me that there are people out there that believe that casual links provide evidence. This is a dangerous perception that non-gamers have of gamers, which is why I am very grateful to Kevin for phoning in and debating Pai Shandel.

Link (via Kotaku)