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Friday, January 20, 2006

Hellgate London: Trailer

[Media: Video]

Pixel Kill did a post about a couple of CG studios of note, and I went back to Blur Studios to check out their work in videogame CG. I've posted about their short In the Rough before, and I've enjoyed their other shorts, but Hellgate London really impressed me during this latest visit.

I've read about the upcoming game, Hellgate London, and it never really impressed me much. It's a RPG First Person Shooter which randomly generates monsters and items, and allows you to create new weapons on the fly with different attributes. I don't normally like random stuff, I like structure so I was never very interested.

But let me say this, the trailer for Hellgate London kicks ass. You're going to see some top notch CG work here, with tonnes of great action sequences and special effects. They just make everything look damned sweet.

To find this video go to Animation then to Game Cinematics. It's the first picture on the left, the one with the zombie head sliced in half.