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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Honda's Impossible Dream

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This video has been on my to-post-list for a while, but it wasn't until I read these comments that I "got" what this commercial is about.

This commercial features a man progressing through various Honda vehicles as he drives along singing Impossible Dream by Andy Williams. But underlying it all, this video is really a tribute to Soichiro Honda's life.
You have to know something about Honda to "get" this ad. It tells Soichiro Honda's life story symbolically...and it is utterly brilliant. As such, it is the best commercial I have ever seen:
-Soichiro Honda the outsider... the guy living in a trailer by the sea, an outsider.
-Soichiro the grease monkey...this guy looks like a grease monkey.
-The seagull in a nest tending to it's young...His dream in the earliest stages.
-Two Seagulls on the rock....Soichiro and Takeo Fujisawa (Honda's alter-ego)
-He begins his journey with a simple mini-bike...symbolic of the Honda Cub.
-The dogs chasing him as he sings "to fight the unbeatable foe"... the resistance that dogged him from MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) and the Gakubatsu (Japanese old Boys network).
-The sheep moving together as a group... the Japanese culture of group over the individual. Meanwhile, he motors on by in the background on his individual journey past the group. Two horses overlooking the field in the background-...I haven't figured this part out yet.
-The succession of cars and bikes as they progress through advances in developement.
-The boat flying off the waterfall...his death.
-The balloon rising out of the mist, with him singing "to reach for the unreachable stars"...on his way to heaven and still dreaming. A Very Happy ending.
-Underlying the entire commercial is the humor of this guy singing like Andy Williams as he blasts down the road. Honda had a great sense of humor.

Really this whole thing is an inspirational and vaguely humorous commercial to a pretty amazing man.

Link (via Fazed)