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Monday, January 30, 2006

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

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Check out the trailer for Uwe Boll's new videogame movie based off of Dungeon Seige. I'm not really sure what to think about it because unlike his other movies there's actually a possibility that it could be worth watching.

This movie looks like it's trying to imitate the success of Lord of the Rings, there are a lot of similarities between the two and that's probably not a good sign. The other issue is that they have a lot of recognisable actors, some of them good some of them bad. From the picture above you can see that John Rhys-Davies, also known as Gimli from Lord of the Rings, is in it. But the fact that Jason Statham, the guy who was in The Transporter, is the main character for this movie scares the hell out of me.

But the trailer does show off impressive production values, so maybe just maybe all hope isn't lost. Tell me what you think of the Trailer, I'd like to know what you guys think of it. Is it going to be any good?

Link (via Joystiq)