I'm a Human Inbox

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Oh look, messy hair and unshavedness. It must have been a Sunday!

This week is going to get really hectic tomorrow since I have a Calculus midterm and I'm also moving into a new house. I'm not moving far, just a five minute drive from where I'm living currently but it's going to be a bigger, better, cheaper place.

It'll cost almost half of what I'm paying now, but I'll have my own living room, kitchen and bathroom which will be awesome. I'll be living with two other friends of mine, and it's going to be a rocking nerd house. It's going to be grand.

But since I have so much on the go tomorrow I'm not going to be updating I'm a Human Inbox like I normally would. I've got shit to do, so there'll be a one day hiatus. Anyone that knows me in real life should come to the house warming party once Spring Break kicks in. We'll do our best to do non-nerdy activities like normies.