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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Remote Controled Katamari Damacy

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This link is going to spread really quickly today, so don't blame me if you've seen this already. But seeing little princes riding around in cars and rolling up little bits of felt really made my day.
This project is a spin off of the video game Katamari. We all love the game Katamari. We wish to create the same game but with TOYS. There will be two characters and two katamaris. Players will race to collect as many objects as possible. The player with the most objects wins the game. Unlike the original video game, characters will ride on RC cars. This is an adaptation to the American culture. The characters are now fast and furious and will stop at nothing to collect all the objects!

Check out the video to get a better idea of how this little game works. Although I think the idea of Remote Controlled Katamari Damacy is awesome, I can't actually imagine myself having one of these guys in my room. I think it would elevate my nerd status to the point of being embarrassing.

Link (via Kotaku)