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Friday, January 20, 2006

Royksopp: What Else Is There?

[Media: Music Video]

"What Else Is There" is another music video done by Martin De Thurah, the same guy who did Carpark North: Human which I posted yesterday. I had never heard of De Thurah before, and aparently he's fairly new on the scene, but wow I'm impressed!

"What Else Is There" features a woman floating slightly above the ground in a thunder storm. The woman has a ghostly presence and there are houses pulling out of the ground and floating off into the distance. The video fits the haunting sound of the song, and is truly a thing of beauty. I've been seeing so many wonderful music videos lately, it's tearing apart my heart.

As a sidenote and an interesting fact about the music video, the woman singing in the music video is not actually the singer from the band.
The woman portrayed in the video is not actually Karin Dreijer (lead singer of The Knife and vocalist in the song) and is actually Scandinavian model Lizzie Grubman, but Dreijer appears at the dinner table towards the end of the video.

Link (via Good Weather for an Air Strike)