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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Society of Gaming: Gaming Labels

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2old2play has an interesting article about the categorization of different kinds of gamers. Of course there's been lists like this before, but it always makes me think about what kind of gamer I tend to be.

  • "Hard Core gamers know games and gaming the way doctors know the bones of the body, artists know the color palette, and busty blondes know how to avoid traffic tickets. In other words, Hard Core gamers know it all... [They] are not married (usually)."
  • "Devoted gamers have a singular obsession – The One Game, whichever it may be... When you spend months, and sometimes years on the same game, generally forsaking all others, you’re Devoted."
  • "Addicts place the One Game above, not just other games, but also above most other elements of life itself.Many times, non-Addicts will call themselves Addicts because they play a particular game a lot. However, most of them play it because they like it, not because they need it. The Addict needs it."
  • "PHC gamers do know a thing or two about gaming, but they like to appear as though they know far more than they really do. Although they can fool casual gamers, they’re in trouble when they run into true Hard Core gamers."
  • "Casual gamers... like to game, but it’s generally one of many hobbies, and is no more important than any of the other ones. Casual gamers tend to play only those games that get good reviews and sell a lot of copies."
  • "Clueless gamer... buy a lot of games, but they’re not very good at any of them, and they give up on them before they can become good. These are the gamers who do things that puzzle you, make a lot of mistakes and get pretty frustrated by that, but also aren’t willing to listen to any suggestions or invest any time to improve.
  • "Worthless gamer[s]... go by many names: Cheaters, Hackers, De-levelers, Screamers, Punks, Jackasses and our own favorite, Timmies. Worthless gamers are a cancer on the gaming world, and millions of dollars and thousands of hours are spent every year by companies to thwart them, gamers to report them, and message board posters to vilify them."

I find that I don't easily tend to fit into any particular kind of category. I usually consider myself to be a casual-hardcore gamer. By that I mean that I know a lot about games, usually because I read a lot of gaming news and articles. But that being said I tend to buy games based on reading reviews, or when I find something different like Nintendogs and Katamari Damacy. I also don't have a whole lot of time to play games, maybe an hour or so a day and in a competitive environment I tend to be better than most people at most games.

I think it's really hard for most people to fall into clear cut categories and not just with games. I know a lot of different gamers, who are all different in their own ways.

What do you guys think? Are they missing anything in here? What kind of gamer do consider yourself to be?

Link (via Joystiq)