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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Toei Spiderman

[Media: Video]

I was checking out this bizarre live action Japanese Spiderman from 1978 yesterday. After watching a full episode I think I'm well versed in everything they did to our beloved Spiderman.

Toei Spiderman was born by an injection from a Spider Bracelet which was handed down from his father who was a "Spider Warrior". Spiderman's suit comes from his bracelet somehow, as does his webbing (which is actually rope) and his giant mech. That's right, Spiderman has a fucking Mech! Not only that but Spiderman has a racecar which can fly and shoot "Genie Missiles". This is basically Spiderman and Power Rangers merged into an unholy union.

Click the link above or below to see the Intro video. If you think you'd like to check out an entire translated episode check out Episode 1: Toei Spiderman Fansubbed.