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Monday, January 09, 2006

Twenty Sided Fuzzy Dice Danglers

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I'm not really one to adorn my dilapidated and embarrassing car with geekery. I pretty much ignore the condition of my auto-mobile and hope that it doesn't explode on me. But hanging Twenty Sided Fuzzy Dice in my rear view mirror? Now that's something that make sense! And when they only cost $10.00, I think I might get a pair.
True, 6-sided fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror may be overdone and cliche, but 20-sided dice, that is a different story. Time to replace that ratty, dangling high school tassel with something more fitting of a geek. Think of these fuzzy icosahedrons (that's a 20-sided polyhedron for the math-impaired) as a fantasy muse, inspiring you as you drive, conjuring images of dungeon crawling, orc whacking, and critical hitting.

These would be incomplete, of course, without your I Roll Twenties T-Shirt.

Link (via Wonderland)