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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Heat Vision and Jack

[Media: Video]

I keep posting some great things involving Jack Black from Pondracket, he seems to be a big fan of the guy. Heat Vision and Jack is a one episode TV show that has a great sense of humour by parodying 80's Television shows like Knight Rider.

Jack Black plays an American Astronaut who gained incredible intellectual abilities when he got too close to the Sun. Now the smartest man on Earth, Jack is on the run from NASA and riding on a talking Motorcycle voiced by Owen Wilson. The whole thing is super cheesy and totally awesome. Worth checking out.

Link (via Pondracket)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Covenant Elite Cosplay

[Media: Images]

If you have any interest in Halo, you'll immediately recognise this Elite Covenant Soldier from Bungie's Halo. There's a number of pictures to check out here, and they're amazing once you start noticing all of the little details. This Elite appeared at the Comic-Con 2005 Masquerade, follow the link to check out a video of him and a number of other amazing costumes.

I'd love to see this costume up close. It has an energy sword, and the mouth opens up somehow amd I wonder how comfortable those backwards legs are. In some of the pictures you're able to see how the guy sees out of the costume, as the head and neck of the Elite are definitely not very human-like.

Link (via Joystiq)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Autistic Basketball Player Does Something Amazing

[Media: Video]

It's funny, my Mother was telling me about something she saw on TV the other day, and I happened to find the clip she was talking about. This video is a story about an Autistic Basketball player named Jason McElwain, who served as the coach's assistant in Rochester NY. Apparently Jason always wanted to play Basketball and one day he was allowed to play during the last four minutes of the game.

After taking a couple shots at the basket and missing each time, what happened next amazed everyone in the gymnasium. Jason started scoring three pointer baskets, over and over again. He scored 6 3-pointer baskets. In a row. The entire gymnasium went nuts.

Update: CBS pulled this clip for some reason, so I've updated the link with a working one. Let me know if it goes down again for any reason. You can find more information about why the link on Youtube was pulled at Boing Boing

Link (via Giant Mecha)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I Am Somewhat Retiring

I was hoping to save this post until mid April, the one year anniversary of I'm a Human Inbox, but I felt I couldn't wait that long. This is, unfortunately, a serious and sad post to make, as I'm thinking of giving up writing I'm a Human Inbox. I'm not planning on giving it up entirely mind you, there will still be daily posts, but it will be only one a day. I just don't think I can do 4 posts a day, 6 days a week anymore.

When I first started I'm a Human Inbox, it was a challenge for me, to see how far I could take it. How successful could I make this Blog, and how could I define that success? I felt that traffic and readership would indicate a level of success, as well as a consistent rate of posts. After approximately 150,000 hits and close to 1,400 posts, I feel that I proved to myself that I am capable of doing this sort of thing. I never wanted to make money, or be famous, I just wanted to see what I could do.

My hobbies tend to be a challenge; I find something that I can't do, like drawing and see how good I can get at it. I am curious as to what sort of talents I can draw from a strong passion and a lot of hard work. I felt I had succeeded with this Blog, and thus the urge to try out other things in life became more important than this Blogging routine.

I want to meet more people, make more friends and discover new talents and interests. I have a lot of passions and curiosities that I would like to explore, but this Blog has limited my time with new activities. So it's time to let it go. I think that for a while, I may be incredibly sad to let this Blog go because it's become a major part of my life for the past year, but that was also the danger. This Blog was an addiction, and a restriction in many ways.

I want to thank everyone who has read this Blog and enjoyed it. I have met a number of fantastic people from this site and I am thankful for that. I'm a Human Inbox won't disappear completely, and like I've said, I will continue to put up at least one post a day, so you can still come back and find something new every day. But it's time for me to move on from this place because there are a lot of wonderful things that I want to pursue right now.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Sexual Harassment 101

[Media: Video]

This video offers some valuable information for how to approach women at work without getting sued for Sexual Harassment. Basically, the picture above outlines the three most important steps.

1. Be Handsome
2. Be Attractive
3. Don't be unattractive

One that didn't make the list was "Look awesome in only your underwear".

Link (via Drasl)

Round things made Square

[Media: Images]

Worth1000, like always, has an amusing and imaginative photoshopping contest to transform normally round objects into squares, cubes or rectangles. Some of the square animals are a little disconcerting, including the square pregnancy.

Link (via Boing Boing)

SmartJoy FRAG: Keyboard/Mouse Adapter for Consoles

I have been debating lately whether or not I should purchase the SmartJoy FRAG, a keyboard and mouse adapter for consoles. I've been playing a lot of Halo 2 online lately, and it's getting to the point where I feel that a major limitation to my skills lie in the limitations of the Xbox controller.

I'm definitely not one of those people who complains about First Person Shooters on consoles, because I feel they have their place. But when you start to get competitive, you start realizing that the buttons on the controller are beginning to hold you back.

For example, in Halo 2 it's not really possible to jump or melee attack and aim at the same time. In order to jump, you have to take your thumb off of the right analog stick, and during that time you are literally incapable of aiming at the same time. It's the same problem for switching weapons and melee attacks. Another problem is spinning. Using a mouse and keyboard, spinning around is a pretty easy affair, but on the Xbox, it's a sluggish torturous task that causes a lot of unnecessary deaths. Sometimes it feels like you're turning a boat instead of a person.

So I've been debating whether or not I should get a SmartJoy FRAG. I haven't decided whether or not it would be considered "cheap" or unfair. I'm also worried that if I got used to using a keyboard and mouse that I'd be rubbish at using the Xbox controller. I might not be able to go back. Has anyone here used a mouse and keyboard adapter for a console before? Do you think it would be unfair?

The Smartjoy FRAG is being sold at Liksang for $20.00.


WGN: Games Are Drugs

[Media: Video]

Fandel Mulkey over on the 1up pages has put up a piece about a WGN news report about how gaming is the new drug.

The piece is pretty weak and sensational, providing zero information about how "gaming is a drug" besides saying that people get "addicted to it" and "are unable to relate to people". One of the main people interviewed, was "the mother" of a family of boys, which hardly seems to be an expert opinion. The thing that bothers me, is that because there is little information about what the actual problem is. This report comes off sounding like a bunch of adults who are not involved in gaming, complaining about what their children are up to. I guess all that's left is for someone to scream, "Won't somebody think of the children?!"

Kotaku has a cohesive report on the segment which is worth checking out.

Link (via Kotaku)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Penny Arcade Fan Art

[Media: Image]

I love this picture of Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade drawn in a way to show off their samurai skills. I guess you know you've become famous when your fans draw you with huge muscles and chiseled features.

Stanley Lau from Imaginary Friends Studios was the one who drew this picture, his company were the ones who worked on the Street Fighter and Soul Calibur cards that belong to the same system as the Penny Arcade cards do.


Street Fighter 2 Skit

[Media: Video]

I was a little skeptical about a Street Fighter 2 Skit, but it turned out to be really witty. This video shows Ken and Ryu before they become "Street Fighters" and are still being trained by their Master.

The video blurs the line between reality and imitating the videogame. The characters seem confused when their master tells them how to do the fireball technique by describing the actual buttons required to activate the special move.

I was wondering how they were going to "show" a fireball on stage, but they handled that with style, bringing out laughter from the audience.

Master why won't you teach us the Fireball Technique?

Because you will use it all the time! And it will be cheap!


Li Wei: Impossible Photos

[Media: Images]

I've been wanting to do this post for about a week now, but it's been down ever since this site was pointed out by Boing Boing. Boing Boing gets a lot of traffic, so I'm sure the bandwidth costs were shooting straight through the roof for this site.

In anycase, these pictures are totally absurd and completely impossible, which is the reason they're so much fun to look at. Decapitation seems to be the favorite theme.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Dumpster: Breakup Visualization Interface

[Media: Website]

Dumpster is an interesting Flash interface which produces a visualization of people's breakups by searching through millions of online journals and Blogs on the Internet. You can search by date, or similarities between each breakup, or just browse through the floating circles which represent each individual breakup.

There's an odd curiosity about looking at anonymous and vague breakups represented by a visual interface. Voyeurism at its best.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cheney Victim Appologizes

[Media: Video]

Harry Whittington who was shot in the face by Dick Cheney was released from hospital recently, and issued an apology to Cheney, for allowing himself to be shot in the face. Amazing. I wish I could shoot people in the face and get an apology out of it. The world would be a better place.

This video shows Dick Cheney coaching Whittington, with a rifle, for what to say. Sweet.

In other news, Jon Stewart on the Daily Show weighs in on the apology, exclaiming:
How powerful a man do you have to be to shoot someone in the face and have that guy say "my bad?"


8 Bit Theatre: Dungeons and Dragons

[Media: Video]

This is a really really old link, but it's a classic so it's going up. My friend has been playing AD&D lately so I was reminded of this Dr. Demento skit that came out ages ago. For anyone who has never played D&D, this is pretty accurate for how a session goes.

I attack the darkness!


Porn Transformed Into Non-Porn

[Media: Images]

For some strange reason I too feel the urge to go to Funky Town. I'm assuming I don't really need to describe what's going on here. If you think this girl is "really" singing karaoke, drop me a line and we'll have a little talk.

These images may or may not be safe for work depending on your sense of humour.

Link (via Drasl)

Biscuit Cities

[Media: Images]

Chinese artist Song Dong has undertaken a architecture project to try and construct a traditional and modern Asian city made entirely out of biscuits.
Mr Dong said he had chosen biscuits because they look like building blocks and "they are very sweet so you can't eat a lot of them otherwise they make you sick".

An estimated 72,000 biscuits, including digestives, chocolate digestives, rich tea, hobnobs, caramels and fruit shortcake, will be used during the week-long project.

Wow, I'd love to see what they do with all the biscuits afterwards because I doubt that people could eat them all. They'd go stale afterall.
All you can hear is people saying the word 'biscuit'

Biscuit, biscuit, biscuit!

Link (via Boing Boing)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jack Black: King Kong Song

[Media: Music Video]

If you love Jack Black and his crazy singing, then you'll most definitely love this song he wrote and performed for when he was hosting Saturday Night Live. Yes I agree Jack, I have no idea why they didn't want this song in the movie either!

Link (via Pond Racket)

Art Using MS Paint

[Media: Images]

I've seen paintings done entirely in MS Paint before, like this one that's up on DeviantArt, but these are pretty good too. Not only are they entirely done in MS Paint, but they also flow together into one continuous painting.
This drawing was done entirely in MS Paint with a Logitech laser mouse. I did not use the copy and paste tool, or the text tool. There was no color sampling or pasting from other images, but I did view some separate images as reference, as do most artists.

Of course, the one depicting Gandalf is the most impressive. Look at the details! There's also a HOWto article showing how the artist did it.

Link (via Fazed)

Freeform Five: Strangest Things

[Media: Music Video]

I love this music video by Freeform Five, it's one of those songs and videos which grow on you over time. For some reason, despite the violence, this video is quite endearing.

An awkward and nerdy looking teenager accidentally stumbles across a backyard wrestling match and gets dragged into it against his will. At first you feel sorry for the boy afterall he's getting totally wrecked by guys twice his size. But it looks that, by the end, he might be enjoying it more than he first appeared to.

It's almost as if the Backyard Wrestling is its own magical world. How cute.

Link (via Clip Tip)

World's most sampled 6-sec drum loop

[Media: Video]

I sat down this morning to listen and watch this video about the world's most influential drum loop, which happens to be only 6 seconds long. Dating back to the 60's, this drum sample has been hugely influential in Techno, Hip-Hop, Jungle Beat, Movies, Commercials and Radio.
Can I Get An Amen? is an audio installation that unfolds a critical perspective of perhaps the most sampled drum beat in the history of recorded music, the Amen Break. It begins with the pop track Amen Brother by 60's soul band The Winstons, and traces the transformation of their drum solo from its original context as part of a 'B' side vinyl single into its use as a key aural ingredient in contemporary cultural expression.

At the very end of the video, the narrator gives an opinion on how Copyright Law is stifling innovation and the evolution of our culture by suppressing samples like the Amen Beat. What would have happened if the Winstons, the owners of the drum beat, decided to protect their music from being sampled?

Check this out for sure, I think you will enjoy it.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Monday, February 20, 2006

Dr. McNinja

[Media: Comics]

Although I've looked at Dr McNinja for only a couple of minutes, I can tell it's going to become a longtime favorite. I never get tired of Ninjas, let alone Ninjas that are also doctors.

This comic has a great sense of humour, and is also very well drawn. Apparently Dr. McNinja first made his appearance on Something Awful, which might explain a few things. Check this out even if you're not normally a fan of webcomics, this is something awesome.

Link (via 4 Color Rebellion)

Unusual Looking Buildings

[Media: Images]

Unique Daily has an interesting collection of buildings with odd designs. Examples include twisting or breaking buildings, the "90 Degree Angle Building" and one that looks like a giant robot.

Here's the description for the building pictured above:
If you saw this picture for the first time, you'd probably thought that it was hit by a massive earthquake. But it wasn't. In true fashion of the Ripley Legacy, it was built to reflect the odd 1812 earthquake that measured 8.0 on the rick. The building has now become one of the most photographed in the world because of it.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Origami Figurines

[Media: Images]

Take a look at this gallery of amazing Origami figurines. Some of these works contain amazing amounts of detail and precision. Subjects range from the Archangel Gabriel  (pictured above), Icarus , Tigers to various forms of fish.

Really quite amazing, and hard to imagine the steps required to obtain such detailed folds.

Link (via Fazed)

Pirates and Emperors

[Media: Video]

Pirates And Emperors is a little educational music video, similar to what you might find on Sesame Street except it deals with American Politics. What's the difference between a Pirate and an Emperor? The size of the operation apparently.


Friday, February 17, 2006

Out for the Weekend

(San Fransisco Valentines Day Pillow Fight)

It is really too bad, but I will be unable to do any posts today or the rest of the weekend. Although this is the last day of school before my Reading Break, I still, somehow have a lot of things I need to do.

I have homework due in the next couple of days, and a friend of mine is coming down from Victoria to visit me for three days. I have a party to organize, and a house to clean up. I am going to be very very busy. Once Monday hits I'll have a lot of spare time to do some Blogging once again, so forgive my short absence. I hope everyone has a great weekend! Whoo!


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Super Mario Parkour

[Media: Video]

I really respect those who do parkour, the art of running around doing insane stunts using buildings and landscape features. And parkour is even cooler with sound effects from Super Mario Bros added.

Link (via Google Video)

Crysis: Crytek's CryENGINE 2

[Media: Article]

I don't normally get excited about videogame graphics, I've found in recent years that high tech graphic engines do nothing to entertain me beyond the first 10 minutes if the gameplay has nothing new to offer. I found Half-Life 2 boring and I found Far Cry Instincts to be generic.

I like my games to be innovative, creative and fun. But something about these screenshots of Crytech's new CryEngine made me want to know more. So if you want to see how they're implementing a realistic weather generating system, or transparent foliage, take a closer look.
For the March 2006 issue of Computer Gaming World, we went toe-to-toe with Crytek for the aesthetic behind the action in its "not Far Cry 2" follow-up to Far Cry. We're all weary of watching these guys play visual leap-frog, so we pulled out our handy thumb-and-toe screws and managed to scoop the lowdown on the curious gameplay capers Crytek has planned for Crysis, including: object- and foliage-aware AI, scads of propitious near-future-military-based projectile weapons, a special full-body suit (Master Chief wannabe? Bzzzztttt!) that's extrapolated from the U.S. Defense's very real and active "Future Warrior" program, and a gravity-physics system poised to radically metamorphose run-and-gun stereotypes.

Note: I'm probably not going to make any further posts today. I have a lot of homework that I need to do, and I'm really very busy. I will update when I can.

Link (via Kotaku)

Little Food People

[Media: Images]

This set of pictures depicting tiny plastic people running, climbing and even swimming in various foods and deserts. It's usually pretty cute because the people are doing everyday actions, like biking or sweeping, except they're doing it to gigantic pieces of food.

Getting the right picture for this post was difficult because each scene comes in pairs, a closeup and a pulled back shot of the entire thing. The link above takes you to the first page of the photos, but there's a Second Page that you should check out as well.

These two links are not the official site for these photos, but the original site, Minimiam is quite clumsy to use so I don't really recommend using it.

Link (via Waxy)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lcd Soundsystem: Daft Punk is Playing at my House

[Media: Music Video]

This music video has been hanging around my inbox for a couple of weeks now, and it's remained interesting and catchy, so I think it's time to make a mention of it. Using a stop motion style similar to The White Stripes' Hardest Button to Button, people in coloured spandex help to represent coloured volume meters of the song. As the beats pulse, so do the spandex men.

Does everyone realize by now that I love the stop motion?

Link (via Good Weather for an Airstrike)

Atomic Bomb Detonation

[Media: Images]

This website has a handful of pictures showing the initial moments of an atomic bomb detonation. The explosion looks nothing like one would expect; it looks vaguely organic.
Automatic Camera situated 7 miles from blast with 10 foot lens. Shutter speed equaled 1/100,000,000 of-a-second exposure.

I always have a vague fascination with pictures of Nuclear explosions. They're very beautiful, and yet they scare the hell out of me.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Nachos Libre

[Media: Video]

Nachos Libre looks like the best movie ever made. I'm a huge Jack Black fan so the idea of Jack dressing up in spandex attempting to be a Mexican Wrestler sounds hilarious to me. Not only that, but Jared Hess the director of Napoleon Dynamite and the writers from School of Rock are in on the project. If those aren't winning combinations then I don't know what is.

Seriously, watch the trailer and check out some of the pictures at the official website, and tell me you're not convinced. This is going to be a phenomenon.

Link (via Pondracket)

What's Your Game?

[Media: Video]

This shoe commercial is a fantastic piece of animation. A number of giant robots are shown tossing a semitrailer in various forms of sports ranging from football, soccer to baseball. As they run amuck in the city, they don't seem to mind all the senseless destruction they're causing. Well... At least for a little while.

It'd be nice to know who the artist behind this piece is, because I bet he or she has an excellent profile on the Internet somewhere.

Link (via Milk and Cookies)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

If the world were ruled by Canadians

[Media: Images]

I totally dig this worth1000 photoshop contest to create pictures of what a Canadian Global Dominance would look like. I think a Canadian Superman is a pretty nice touch. It's also good to know that non-Canadians know more about Canada besides the fact that we have a leaf as a flag and that we play Hockey.

I lie. But I can dream eh?

Link (via Boing Boing)

Derek Yu

[Media: Website]

Derek Yu is an interesting artist. Sure his art is very stylish, but what becomes apparent after a few minutes looking through his work is that he loves videogames especially the NES. He also seems to have something for Shigeru Miyamoto, who you can see in the picture above and also the one entitled Shigeru Miyamoto Saves The Day.

The placement of the buttons on the female NES console makes me somewhat nervous.

Link (via Drawn)

The APC Song

[Media: Music Video]

The APC Song is a parody of the excellent JCB Song by Nizolpi, except that it's about Battlefeild 2 and APC camping. The lyrics are well done and the singing itself is pretty good for a song about online videogaming.

You don't have to be familiar with Battlefeild 2 (and I'm not) to properly appreciate this video. But definitely make sure that you check out the JCB Song first.

Link (via Pixel Kill)

Nerdy Valentines Day Cards

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Actually, to let you know, today is also my Birthday and I'm turning 23. So Happy Birthday me!

I'm going to do a little bit of Valentines Day Blogging with a nerdy twist. First on the list is a website that made the Blogging list during Valentine's Day last year.

X-Entertainment did a feature on Valentines Day Cards including Mario, Zelda, the California Raisins and Ninja Turtles. Ah, I remember those days.

For those programmers with crushes there are Coding Valentines Day Cards, which are sure to attract the ladies. I put one of these cards up on the black board at school today, and all the computer science students had a good laugh.

There's also the Star Wars Valentines Day Cards that I posted a couple of days ago incase you missed them.

And finally there's a neat little article about Japanese Valentines Day in which the girls give the men chocolate instead of the other way around.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Remote Controlled Transformer Robot

[Media: Video]

Check out this amazing transformer robot which can go from a car to a humanoid robot. It can drive in its car form, and it can walk around and move its arms independently while in its human form.

How wonderful!

Link (via Boing Boing)

World Press Photos 2006

[Media: Images]
Held annually, the World Press Photo contest creates an overview of how press photographers tackle their work worldwide. It is the only international event of this stature, not simply bringing together pictures from all parts of the globe but also reflecting trends and developments in photojournalism, and revealing how the press gives us the news

I took a look through the 2006 World Press Photo winners this weekend, and I found that it really effected me. Most of these photos depict human tragedy and suffering in an almost beautiful manner. I'm not normally easily moved by media, but these are indeed powerful photos.

This picture won 1st place in the "Everyday Life" category.

Link (via Fazed)

Yellow Fever

[Media: Video]

I'm not quite sure if I'm allowed to laugh so hard at this video, but I think it's pretty fantastic.

On a quest to find the answer to the question "Why do white guys keep stealing all of the Asian chicks?", this guy tries to find out what it is about white guys that makes them so attractive. They seem to dodge the racist card by admitting right off the bat that they are indeed asking a pretty racist question here. Luckily the whole thing is light hearted and doesn't take itself very seriously.

The picture above has the main character, Phil, trying out the "point and look" technique. Obviously he's not doing too well.

Link (via Drasl)

Dancing Trombone Man

[Media: Video]

Take a look at this clip from a talkshow where some guy sets out to play the trombone and suddenly bursts out into outrageous dance moves. Nobody seemed prepared for this performance, including the host (whose name escapes me).

It's also interesting to note that although the audience is predominately black, they totally dig his dance moves. When you can get the guys in the audience dancing to your antics, you know you're doing well. The ladies also seem to love him.

Oh man, what a hoot!


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Scary Maze

[Media: Video]

I'm sure most people have gotten one of those emails in which a scary monster jumps out at you screaming loudly. This video has a father tricking his little kid with one of those, and it totally scares the shit out of the poor kid.

This kid is so traumatized, he's like "Daddy! Why did you do that to me? I thought you loved me!" I'm sure the mother was thrilled when she found out. Best cry ever.


Gods Girls

[Media: Website]

Kelly also known as Miss Dusty Suicide, whom I have an Internet Crush on, left me a message and reminded me of Gods Girls, which will be going live sometime this month I think.

Gods Girls seems to be a model created fall-off from Suicide Girls, so obviously I'm quite excited about it. I'm not well versed in the politics behind the problems that Dusty and some other models had with Suicide Girls, but it sounds fairly messy. Perhaps a commenter could enlighten me about it.

In the meantime, before the site goes live, there's a Livejournal community for Gods Girls and a number of great pictures to take a look at. Although "most" of the girls are clothed you probably shouldn't be looking at this stuff in the office or at school.

Warning: Not Safe For Work


The Weekly Un-Postables

From Boing Boing:
Bush administration attempts to silence NASA's top climate scientist
Wasp performs roach-brain-surgery to make zombie slave-roaches
Lost world discovered in Papua
Furby creator's new dinobot - Video

PowerGlove Mouse - Video and HowTo
Idiotarod Costumed Kart Racing
Nintendo Revolution Booklet
FIONA APPLE: Not About Love - Music Video
43,340 Cosplay Photos
Grammy Awards: Gorillaz and Madonna - Video

Weekly Roundup

I'm a Human Inbox's Favorite Post of the Week:
The IT Crowd: A Sysadmin Sitcom

Since I first posted about The IT Crowd, my opinion has changed about what I think about the show. Judging from the first episode you'd assume that the show was mostly about computer geekery. But after watching the 2nd and 3rd episode it's evolved into a show about office life, relationships, men and women, shoes and more. The best way to describe it is to compare it to Office Space or Dilbert.

After seeing the first episode I felt that it was brilliant although ultimately doomed. I don't believe it's going to flop anymore. It is smart, original and dangerously funny, like Seinfeld or Red Dwarf. Not only that, but it seems that they're releasing the show's episodes online for free. Now that's good marketing.

So if you haven't seen the show yet, go check it out. And if you've only seen the first episode, go see the other three. They're fantastic. This post earned 15 Clicks this week.

Reader's Favorite Post of the Week:
Girl Jumps Through Basketball Hoop

This basketball clip got 68 Clicks this week, which really surprised me. I thought this video was cool, but I didn't think it'd be popular. I'm slightly confused as to why it got so much attention. Hrmmmm.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Myspace - The Movie

[Media: Video]

This has got to be the first "movie" of the online diary craze that I've seen. (If there's more please let me know) This video talks about the various idiosyncrasies that come with online communities like MySpace and Livejournal.

But I think I'm posting this video mainly because of the coined term "The Angles". How many of your friends have those angle shots that make them look a whole lot hotter than they really are?

Link (via Applegeeks)

Star Wars Valentines Day Cards

[Media: Images]

Awwww. These Star Wars Valentines Day Cards by Something Awful are great! I don't normally enjoy the idea of handing out Valentines Day Cards to people but I might start making it a habit if more of these nerdy cards start making an appearance.

These really are terrible, but isn't that the point of all Valentines Day Cards? You lurve it.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Half Life 2 Rube Goldberg Device: Reloaded

[Media: Video]

I've made a mention of a Half Life 2, the Rube Goldberg Project video before on I'm a Human Inbox, but this one is definitely much better.

Using Gary's Mod, a sandbox tool which allows you to create strange and wonderful contraptions using Half Life 2's physics engine someone made a totally surreal Rube Goldberg machine. There are a lot of exploding barrels and people being shot like darts over long distances. I wonder how much time it took to get this thing right?

Link (via Waxy)

PC Gamer Podcast

[Media: Podcast]

I so rarely sit down to listen to a Podcast, but I'm thinking that maybe it might be a good idea to start looking into it. PC Gamer has an entire website devoted to their podcast with about 20 episodes, but it's episode 18 that I want to point out.

In episode 18 they mention that they feel the Toronto Star had sensationalized a headline that read Fatal crash linked to videogame. They decided to call up an editor for the Toronto Star and ask the editor whether or not that headline is considered ethical.

I'm impressed that they actually went and did that; good for them! It's funny because after the conversation with the editor they remarked on how friendly Canadians are. Other topics included gold farming, the 25 To Life script and a Texas Governor who wants to place a %50 tax on violent videogames.

So download the episode 18 MP3, and check out PC Gamer's Podcast website if you like what you heard.

Link (via Game Politics)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

AIDS Awareness

[Media: Video]

This computer animated video was created by AIDES, a French AIDS organization in order to create a greater awareness for safe sex. This video is cute, fairly amusing and definitely not safe for work. I thought this chick was going to turn into a lesbian, but no, there's a traditional "happy ending" instead. Hah!

I like the song that comes along with it as well.

Warning: Not Safe For Work

Link (via Fazed)