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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Autistic Basketball Player Does Something Amazing

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It's funny, my Mother was telling me about something she saw on TV the other day, and I happened to find the clip she was talking about. This video is a story about an Autistic Basketball player named Jason McElwain, who served as the coach's assistant in Rochester NY. Apparently Jason always wanted to play Basketball and one day he was allowed to play during the last four minutes of the game.

After taking a couple shots at the basket and missing each time, what happened next amazed everyone in the gymnasium. Jason started scoring three pointer baskets, over and over again. He scored 6 3-pointer baskets. In a row. The entire gymnasium went nuts.

Update: CBS pulled this clip for some reason, so I've updated the link with a working one. Let me know if it goes down again for any reason. You can find more information about why the link on Youtube was pulled at Boing Boing

Link (via Giant Mecha)