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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Crysis: Crytek's CryENGINE 2

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I don't normally get excited about videogame graphics, I've found in recent years that high tech graphic engines do nothing to entertain me beyond the first 10 minutes if the gameplay has nothing new to offer. I found Half-Life 2 boring and I found Far Cry Instincts to be generic.

I like my games to be innovative, creative and fun. But something about these screenshots of Crytech's new CryEngine made me want to know more. So if you want to see how they're implementing a realistic weather generating system, or transparent foliage, take a closer look.
For the March 2006 issue of Computer Gaming World, we went toe-to-toe with Crytek for the aesthetic behind the action in its "not Far Cry 2" follow-up to Far Cry. We're all weary of watching these guys play visual leap-frog, so we pulled out our handy thumb-and-toe screws and managed to scoop the lowdown on the curious gameplay capers Crytek has planned for Crysis, including: object- and foliage-aware AI, scads of propitious near-future-military-based projectile weapons, a special full-body suit (Master Chief wannabe? Bzzzztttt!) that's extrapolated from the U.S. Defense's very real and active "Future Warrior" program, and a gravity-physics system poised to radically metamorphose run-and-gun stereotypes.

Note: I'm probably not going to make any further posts today. I have a lot of homework that I need to do, and I'm really very busy. I will update when I can.

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