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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nerdy Valentines Day Cards

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Actually, to let you know, today is also my Birthday and I'm turning 23. So Happy Birthday me!

I'm going to do a little bit of Valentines Day Blogging with a nerdy twist. First on the list is a website that made the Blogging list during Valentine's Day last year.

X-Entertainment did a feature on Valentines Day Cards including Mario, Zelda, the California Raisins and Ninja Turtles. Ah, I remember those days.

For those programmers with crushes there are Coding Valentines Day Cards, which are sure to attract the ladies. I put one of these cards up on the black board at school today, and all the computer science students had a good laugh.

There's also the Star Wars Valentines Day Cards that I posted a couple of days ago incase you missed them.

And finally there's a neat little article about Japanese Valentines Day in which the girls give the men chocolate instead of the other way around.