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Monday, February 06, 2006

Whisky PC

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I've seen some good case mods before, but stuffing a computer inside a whiskey bottle is something new. Actually it looks downright beautiful and inconspicuous. Imagine taking this computer to work and getting stopped at the door by a security officer or your boss.
I tried to cut and drill couple of similar bottles at home but I realized that my tools are not good enough for it, then finally a professional glass grinder man prepared the whisky bottle for me. He made two holes: one at the back of the bottle for CPU cooling and one at left side for put in the stuffing.

I bought an Intel P3 733EB processor, a 256MB notebook RAM, a 40GB notebook HDD and finally a 60W mini-ITX PSU. The RAM module is placed at the back side of the mobo. A compact flash card slot also situated there, so I could use it instead of IDE HDD.

There are a lot of pictures here describing the process, so go check it out. I like the ones at the end where the computer is hiding among the other alcohol bottles in the house.

Link (via Slashdot)