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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Worst Game

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Michael Russell, a QA manager for Ritual Entertainment has written an interesting little article that has got me thinking. He brings to mention a violent game that is considered socially acceptable, dangerous and applauded by the government. I won't tell you which game he's talking about, but I'm sure you can figure it out if you follow the link.
I want to talk about one of the most violent games out there right now, and what our government is doing about it. See if you can guess what game it is before the end of the article, and before visiting any of the links.

Penny Arcade also brings up the topic of "The Game", and voices an opinion which I definitely agree with.
In any case, this will be the last time I invest myself in a game where I have no power to determine the outcome. I really feel a need to emphasize the distinction between this and the sort of game that usually occupies my time.

Any game that I have to watch, is not considered a "game" to me. Movies are starting to slide further and further down my entertainment list because I start to feel useless being only a passive observer, unable to control the course of the action. The only time that I actively want to watch something is when my hands are otherwise occupied, like when I'm eating.

One last thing to mention. I've realized that I can't watch other people play a game that I'm really good at. If I see them making mistakes I want to reach in, grab their controller and show them how it's done. Instead I tend to remove myself from the room so I don't become a "backseat gamer".

Link (via Game Politics)