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Saturday, March 18, 2006

CRIA Study Shows that Music Downloading Does No Harm

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The Canadian Recording Industry (CRIA), which is similar to the American RIAA, quietly released a study which counters pretty much all their talking points about Internet Music Piracy. It's surprising that this study even got released at all because it's very damaging to their standpoint on this issue.
Consistent with many other studies, people who download music from P2P services frequently buy that same music. The study found that only 25% of respondents said they never bought music after listening to it as a P2P downloaded track. That obviously leaves nearly 75% as future purchasers, including 21% who have bought music ten times or more. Note that demographically, the lowest percentage of non-buyers actually belonged to the 13 to 17 year old demographic.

More interestingly, the survey also asked why people bought less. Only 10% of respondents cited the availability of music downloads. Instead, people cited a long list of alternatives that have nothing to do with downloading including price (16%), nothing of interest (14%), lack of time (13%), collection is big enough (9%), don't buy (7%), listen to radio (7%), change in tastes (6%), no CD player (3%), have an MP3 player (2%), lack of opportunity to buy (2%), watch more tv (2%), age (1%), only buy what I like (1%). Simply put, P2P simply is not a major factor behind decisions to buy less music

There are a number of other very interesting facts, and they all line up with what consumers and Internet Activists have been saying for years. P2P does not prevent people from buying music, it is used primarily as a way to sample music before purchasing.

Most likely CRIA and RIAA will ignore the information found in this study and continue to push for harmful and invasive copyright protection technologies and regulations. But hopefully this will start to change the Government's mind about the issue and start to protect their citizens rather than the corporations.

In other news, RIAA and the MPAA are trying to prevent people from uninstalling DRM technology even if it has the potential to kill you. I don't think I ever need to say anything about DRM or RIAA ever again when their disrespect for people steps over the line between life and death.

It has also been shown that DRM laden music on your MP3 players actually significantly reduce battery life. Lovely!

Link (via Boing Boing)