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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Final Fantasy XII Intro Movie

[Media: Video]

I am not really a Final Fantasy fan, I've found the last 3 Final Fantasy installments to be terrible terrible games and I wonder what people really see in these games. I'm going to get hurt for saying that.

But one thing I can agree on is the beautiful art direction and the CG work that Squaresoft does. I love the character designs, the architecture and the vibrant living worlds that they create. All of this is very evident in the opening prologue video for Final Fantasy XII.

So even if you're not really interested in videogames, let alone Final Fantasy, it is worth your time to download this video just to see what Computer Graphics studios are capeable of these days.

Just to warn you though, it's quite large (112 MB) and over 7 minutes long. Not that that's a bad thing though!