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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gypsy MIDI

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I've been working for almost a week on a presentation for one of my Computer Science classes tomorrow. I have to do a presentation on Real Time Programming Languages which, put simply, are languages which allow systems to interact with things in the real world, in real time. The aspect that I chose to focus on is Motion Capture, specifically the Virtual Air Guitar Project.

So I'm sure you can understand why I immediately took interest in this GypsyMIDI product when I first saw it.

The GypsyMIDI Suit allows the wearer to use their body as an interface to control music. The user can control the music by moving their arms left, right, up and down, and with their wrists. The interface can then be customized to control different buttons, sliders or sounds.

I encourage you to check out the videos here on this site, the best of which are the drums and the DJ Gypsy Tracker videos.

Link (via Giant Mecha)