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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Kid Perverts

Today I'm going with a themed post because here's a number of funny videos which all have something in common. They're all about perverted kids. No worries though, all of these are Safe For Work, you won't see any nudity here.

Owner of A Lonely Heart

This music video features two kids who have the best day ever. They skip school after their Mom drops them off, and decide to put up posters asking ladies to show up in their bikinis for a dance audition. They even go so far as to rent a casting studio (where did they get the money for that?), and calmly cast a ton of hot women. What perverted little bastards!

Link (via Drasl)

Peeping Kids

This is a commercial for some sort of chocolate bar... Man, this ad will give kids all the wrong (right?) ideas.


Wanking to World of Warcraft

And finally, the meanest, most embarrassingly funny video ever. You know you play too much World of Warcraft if you get caught wanking off to it. Owned.

Link (via Kotaku)