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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Meditation On the Speed Limit

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God Dammit, just when I've decided to pull back on the amount of posting I do, I start finding boatloads of awesomeness. There is a lot I'd like to post today, but I really shouldn't. Le Sigh.

Anyway, this video is an interesting example of Civil Obedience. You read that right, these guys are providing a counter example to following the law, by showing what happens when you actually do follow the law.

The argument is this: "The law about the speed limit is stupid. Nobody follows it, and the greyline between following the law and breaking it is vague at best." So a group of friends decided to drive down the highway, and follow the speed limit to the letter and see what happens. What happened was that everyone on the road got incredibly angry, and started driving dangerously. They were threatened, honked at, tail gated and almost crashed into. One guy actually clipped a parked car in an attempt to get around them.

Although I don't know what the alternative should be, this video is definitely persuasive by showing an example of how absurd some laws can be. Let's do something similar by showing how absurd copyright law is.

Link (via Waxy)