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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stephen Colbert at White House Press Corps Dinner

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I'm not a huge fan of Stephen Colbert. He's funny sure, but I haven't found his material to be truly inspiring. But regardless of how you feel about Colbert, his speech at the White House Press Corps Dinner is pretty fantastic. Forget your politics for a moment, this event was designed to draw laughs even if Colbert was pushing the envelope. And yet, there was very little laughter to be heard from the audience.

Colbert is speaking infront of a lot of high ranking politicians, military officers, the President and the media. The people in attendance were shuffling uncomfortably, and had cold looks on their faces. The last time I've seen an audience react so poorly to a popular Comedian was when Jon Stewart hosted the Oscars. I always find it incredibly fascinating when people are unable to laugh at themselves. I hope that if a Comedian came along and made fun of someone like me, I would be able to laugh really hard.

Update: Ah Youtube, I can never trust you to maintain proper links in the future. I will fix you. In other news, Jon Stewart from the Daily Show is quite happy about Colbert's Ballsalicious speech.
"It was balls-alicious," Stewart said. "Apparently he was under the impression that they'd hired him to do what he does every night on television"