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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nintendo at E3

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My apologies for the serious lack of updates lately. Life has been catching up to me. In between visiting family, searching for jobs, interviews and my computer being broken I just haven't had the time to make proper updates. It's really hard to make posts on an ancient laptop when I can't even view movies on it.

Also, the Internet has exploded with news about E3 and it's incredibly difficult to keep up with the surge of information. I still found myself on Tuesday hitting my refresh button for the Live Blogging Feeds of the Nintendo E3 Press Conference, but it wasn't until today that I got to sit down and watch the actual video of the Nintendo E3 Press Conference.

I think now that E3 is finally over I can talk about what I thought about the event. Although I wish I could say that I had interest in what Sony and Microsoft had to say at E3, I didn't. Microsoft's press conferences are always more like business meetings: Dry Powerpoints and marketing buzzwords. This year Sony's presentation was almost laughable. Sony felt unfocused and they have seemed to have adopted a "Me-too" attitude towards their platform. They are directly competing with Microsoft, and yet the graphics of the PS3 and the Xbox 360 seem indistinguishable. They talk about an online network, but it sounds like a shallow comparison next to Xbox Live. And most amusingly they've incorporated a tilt sensor into their PS3 controller which is an embarrassing attempt to copy Nintendo's strategy. The price point for the PS3, $600.00 US, is way too much money. When Peter Moore, Microsoft's Marketing President tells people to go buy a Wii and an Xbox 360 instead of one PS3, you know you've been burned.

Nintendo's conference on the other hand was exciting, albeit low on information. Although I was disappointed that I didn't learn much about the Wii, I could understand Nintendo's focus on hands-on gameplay and demonstrations of how the controller works. That's what I, and everyone else, wanted to know anyway. Does it work? Is it fun?

The resounding answer is yes. The controller works the way it was promised, it's easy and it's fun. Games were shown putting ideas into practice and the attendance on the Nintendo floor shows that gamers can be more excited about a controller than fancy graphics. The lineup to get into the Nintendo floor was 3 hours long, and then you'd probably have to wait an hour to play some of the more popular games. The interest in Nintendo's controller was so great that it broke every record since E3's conception. If that doesn't say something, then I don't know what does.

Although I am fairly broke right now, I want to make the purchase of a Nintendo Wii possible once it comes out. My gut tells me that Nintendo will release the Wii in late October of this year, and I want one. I have never bought a game system on launch day, but I think I may actually preorder a Wii system.

If you've read this entire post so far, good for you! I'll drop a couple of other links that are worth checking out. A couple of days before E3, someone made an awesome fan-made Nintendo Revolution music video called Are you with me? . If you've been following all the Nintendo Revolution news you should recognise the footage. The song is pretty awesome and appropriate. And finally, if you love Super Smash Bros, you'll love the trailer for the Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii.