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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Show with Ze Frank

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"The Show" is a daily video blog commentary site hosted by Ze Frank which sounds boring when described but is quite excellent in its execution. Think of it as snarky political commentary like Jon Stewart's Daily Show with ADD.

I recommend that you check out at least two or three of the short clips before making a decision about it. Ze Frank makes up little songs, insults the intelligence of his forum posters and generally makes an ass of himself and everyone else in a witty way. He also looks like he is consistently operating on a serious lack of sleep.



Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Spiderman 3 Trailer

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I just got a job earlier this week, which will hopefully explain the lack of posting. In the meantime, check out the Spiderman 3 Trailer if you haven't already seen it. It's pretty much required posting.

From the looks of it we can expect to see: Sandman, the Green Goblin and Venom. Looks like a pretty fantastic lineup. After you watch the trailer be sure to check out a little snarky comic that AppleGeeks did about the Spiderman 3 Trailer.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Sultan's Elephant

[Media: Video]

I somehow never got around to watching The Sultan's Elephant performance in London, but I ran across a clip from it today. The performance has a giant marionette of a little girl waking up, taking a shower from a gigantic elephant and walking around the park and playing with "real" little kids. It is bizarre, creepy and truly beautiful. You can see real awe on the faces of the people watching the show.

A second clip shows footage of the giant elephant walking through the crowds of people, and a rocket ship carrying the gigantic little girl blasting off. How simply wonderful.

Link (via Giant Mecha)

Boards of Canada: Dayvan Cowboy

[Media: Music Video]

This music video, for some reason, has been a long time coming. I've wanted to post this video for a while, but I never quite managed to decide how to go about it.

The first part of this music video contains footage of Joseph Kittinger, the first man in space and set the record for the highest space jump ever attempted. A documentary video of this jump can be found here on Google Video. As Kittinger passes through the clouds the scene changes to become a surfing video. Set to instrumental music, the images shown in this video are achingly beautiful. I do not know why this music video interests me so.

While I'm speaking on music videos, I should also point out a website which occupied a large portion of my time today. Pitchfork's 100 Awesome Music Videos has an impressively large list of music videos which all contain embedded Youtube videos. Although I didn't agree with all their choices, it's still an interesting way to spend some time surfing the Internet.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Marlon Brando Reanimated for Superman Returns

[Media: Video]

Although Marlon Brando is not alive today, he has been reanimated with the help of Computer Graphics for the upcoming Superman Returns movie. Rhythm + Hues studios have provided an excellent step-by-step breakdown of what they did to bring Brando, as Jor-El, back to life. They show how they animated Brando saying "You Do Not Remember Me" and the finished product for the movie.

It is kind of a creepy idea to be able to animate someone long after they're dead. It makes you wonder what kind of copyright issues must be resolved for that. It's also interesting that some of the more amazing advances in computer animation have not been large flashy graphics, but the more minute and mundane. The animators have really done their job well when we can be oblivious to the special effects of something like this.

Link (via Waxy)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Burning Safari

[Media: Video]

Wow, what a fantastic little short. This video is wordless and yet extremely expressive in describing the interactions between a robot tourist and a monkey in the Safari. I laughed really hard and it has already proven itself a worthy piece of entertainment to my other roommates.

As a sidenote, the rest of the animations from this French Animation studio also look fantastic. I look forward to delving deeper in what they have to offer.

Link (via Fazed)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Shiny Happy People

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Alright so this is an ad for coffee, but it's so psychotic that I had to post it. This video features spray-on-tanned, glowing, floaty happy people from the 70's dressed in yellow who try to cheer up sleepy heads. And they sing a song which is reminicent of the Oompa-Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Man, I'm a morning person but these people would drive me bonkers.

"You can sleep when you are dead!"


How to take your clothes off in seven seconds

[Media: Video]

Have you ever wondered how you might take your clothes off extremely quickly? Well this young man seems to have found the answer, and is able to take all his clothes off in seven seconds in one fluid motion. That skill just might come in handy some day.

I love the expression on the woman's face from the picture above. Priceless.

Link (via Fazed)

Friday, June 16, 2006

James 'Smidget' DeVito

[Media: Video]

Although it's not hard to find examples of skill in games such as DDR and its derivatives, I've been seeing some interesting videos lately. I've really been enjoying this latest Smidget video (and the picture above does not come from the video itself, it's just a better picture of James DeVito) where he's showing off some really slick dance moves. It's one thing to be able to pull off the right steps, it's another completely to make it look like actual dancing.

There's another promo video of him doing his thing, but I don't find it as impressive as the first one I mentioned.

Here's one last video by some other guy using a completely different dance style. It's more akin to Riverdancing, and my roommates could hear the staccato beat his feat were pounding out and came to see what I was watching.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wake-Up Calls

[Media: Video]

This is another example of a video which I skipped over the first time I saw it posted. I'm really glad I actually clicked on it though because I ended up laughing really hard.

This is apparently a show from Japan which features some pretty awful ways of waking people up. For example, one of their victims is thrown down a waterslide, bed and all, while still asleep. The guy wakes up halfway down the slide and looks absolutely horrified. What a way to wake up!

Link (via Drasl)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Lyrebird

[Media: Video]

This nature film about the Lyrebird is absolutely fascinating, and for once in a very long time I dropped my jaw in awe. I do not exaggerate, the Lyrebird can do something fascinating.

When the Lyrebird is looking for a mate, the male will sing the most complicated song it can to attract a female. What it does is it immitates the sounds of things it hears in the forest. This includes other birds and animals, but what is really impressive is the artificial sounds it can imitate. Have you ever heard a bird imitate the sound of loggers cutting down the Forest? I bet you haven't!

This makes me wonder what else it's capable of. If a Lyrebird were to be taken into the city and be exposed to humans, what sort of sounds would it imitate? It'd be fascinating to find out.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Zoomable Photomosaic

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This photomosaic is impressive because you can continuously zoom into it forever. As you zoom in, more pictures appear. The photos themselves are of high quality and are interesting to look at. Just make sure that you don't get caught in a picture consisting of mainly one colour type.

You'll probably spend more than a couple of minutes playing with this interesting tool.

Link (via Boing Boing)

Animation Fight

[Media: Video]

While the picture doesn't seem very impressive, this is quite a creative piece of animation. As a Flash animator draws a stick figure to torment, the stick man struggles against the oppressive user. The fight eventually progresses beyond the confines of the drawing board and into the interface itself.

Definitely fun to watch.

Link (via Drasl)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Shaolin Soccer

[Media: Movie]

I must seriously be the last person who has heard of the movie Shaolin Soccer. I thought I had the heads-up on this movie over my friends, but it seems like I was the only one who hadn't seen it.

Shaolin Soccer is reminiscent of Kung-Fu Hustle, both of which have been directed and acted by Stephen Chow (pictured above). Huh... That actually explains a lot.

Shaolin Soccer is a Kung-Fu comedy which uses a lot of special effects. The movie premise is quite simple, it's about Kung-Fu masters using their skills to kick some major ass in Soccer. I recommend that you check out the video clip that I've linked to, and then go rent the movie at your local video store. I totally enjoyed this movie and I swear that if Soccer was like this in real life, I'd be watching a lot more TV.

Link (via Drasl)


[Media: Music Video]
Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what brings to mind William Blake's poem The Tiger this music video is a powerful piece of animation worthy of multiple viewings.

In the middle of the night an enormous Tiger, animated by three gigantic shadow puppeteers, makes its way through an urban city. In its passing, burning vegetation grows and all manners of people change into their animal forms thus making the city of thriving jungle.


Link (via Giant Mecha)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

This Spartan Life: Malcolm McLaren

[Media: Video]

Although this may look like a videogame post, I assure you it is not. I have mentioned This Spartan Life a couple of times here on I'm a Human Inbox and it once again deserves mention. I haven't frequented This Spartan Life for a while now, but I went back there recently and delved into its new content. Additions of note are a discussion of Net Neutrality titled "Can't Buy Me Web" the Travelogue, a silly video showing off glitching in Halo 2, and DJ Octobit's music and playlists.

DJ Octobit does music based on sounds produced by the Gameboy's soundcard and speakers. I've been amazed by the variety and flexibility of such a limited instrument; initially you won't even realize that its music produced by gameboys.

Moving on to the actual purpose of this post, This Spartan Life did an interview with Malcolm McLaren.
Malcolm McLaren's career began in the early 70s with a clothing store that had a big part in starting the punk movement in Britain. He soon founded the seminal punk band, The Sex Pistols and set out to cause a huge disturbance, the effects of which are still being felt today. His work in film, television and on his own genre-hopping music releases has exposed his more thoughtful side, but he continues to situate himself in the midst of the latest radical upheaval, most recently gameboy music. He is currently producing a film version of the book "Fast Food Nation".

What struck me about this interview is the very nature of the environment in which it was situated, and McLaren himself. McLaren speaks in a hypnotic English accent and his words and vocabulary produce more poetry than actual discussion. As the host Damian Lacedaemion and Malcolm McLaren walk through the virtual reality of Halo, as if taking a leasurly walk on a sunny day, the world and players of Halo clash in the background. In one moment, a pair of glitchers jump ladder themselves into the sky, in another moment a massive battle with tanks and phantoms rages, and finally a dance group of aliens dance from the foreground into the distance. The playful and violent natures of the players in the background mixed with the philosophical monologue creates a really beautiful and striking juxtaposition.

In other words, there's a lot to see, hear and experience at This Spartan Life that you might not at first expect.


Moral Orel

[Media: Videos]

I discovered the absolutely hilarious show Moral Orel yesterday, a show from Adult Swim, which features a Christian boy named Moral and the lessons he learns. Although that description sounds innocent, the show is laced with biting and sometimes terrible mockery of religious values.

Moral usually takes lessons learned from his parents or the Church too far, usually to disastrous results. For example when the Church said it was God's wish for people to be charitable, Moral gave his money to a homeless person. Unfortunately this homeless person was a crack dealer and gave Moral free crack in exchange for the money. I'm sure you can see where this is going.

My friends and I have really been enjoying this show, but it does come with a warning. If you are Christian, specifically Protestant, you might find this show quite offensive. If you don't think you would enjoy this kind of humour, please avoid watching Moral Orel.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Harrison Lake Sand Castle Competition

[Media: Images]

Harrison Lake, held in my province British Columbia, holds an annual Sand Castle Competition and they have some beautiful photos of some of the competitors. I can't imagine actually attempting to sculpt some of these, sand doesn't seem like it would be a very forgiving medium. It's a pity that none of these will last very long.

Link (via Fazed)

Beer Cannon

[Media: Video]

Although it is a Beer Commercial it is still fascinatingly fantastic. There are a lot of random objects being fired at other random objects in slow motion. My only complaint is that for the first half of the video it doesn't quite show any of the objects hitting their targets, which makes it something of a tease. Come on, let's see the impacts! Still, it's a very sweet video.

I like the one where they're firing a jar of peanut butter at a bunch of jam covered crackers. Such a tasty combination.


Friday, June 02, 2006


[Media: Video]

"Uh-Oh! It looks like you've got a case of the Humans!"

This educational animated short film talks about how Planets, in this case Earth, can contract parasitic Humans as a sort of deadly disease. Humans apparently slaughter all forms of life, use up a planet's resources and multiply at a rapid pace. Humans may eventually even become contagious!

Aw, poor Earth! You're dead now.

Link (via Drawn)

Spiders of Vietnam

[Media: Images]

Wow Spiders are really not normally the kind of thing that interests me, but these photos are wonderful and the descriptions are passionate. I don't hate Spiders like some people, but I prefer to avoid the large ones and thus there were moments when looking through these photos that I got a little squeamish.

Ultimately, these photos allow you to see the powerful beauty of these creatures, and to see details that you would normally never notice. There are some really exotic examples of spiders here, and it's amazing how diverse and different some of these creatures are. Some spiders mimic ants, while others grow in spiky star shaped patterns so that they won't get eaten.

Here is the description for the picture above:
Lynx spiders have small eyes and correspondingly poor eyesight. This forces lynx spiders to use a "wait and snatch" hunting strategy, rather than the jumping spider's strategy of walking (and jumping) around until they find something. The lynx spider strategy might also help to explain why most of them have long spines on their legs; as well as possibly allowing them to detect air movements and other hints of approaching prey, they might also help to corral their prey within the grasp of their long legs, before moving in for the kill.

In other news, I apologise for my lack of posting lately. I have been really busy this week with interviews, resumes, rent, birthday parties, family, cleaning and a girlfriend. Also the Internet has been slightly boring this week, but I promise to put up some interesting curiosities in the next couple of days.

Link (via Fazed)