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Friday, June 16, 2006

James 'Smidget' DeVito

[Media: Video]

Although it's not hard to find examples of skill in games such as DDR and its derivatives, I've been seeing some interesting videos lately. I've really been enjoying this latest Smidget video (and the picture above does not come from the video itself, it's just a better picture of James DeVito) where he's showing off some really slick dance moves. It's one thing to be able to pull off the right steps, it's another completely to make it look like actual dancing.

There's another promo video of him doing his thing, but I don't find it as impressive as the first one I mentioned.

Here's one last video by some other guy using a completely different dance style. It's more akin to Riverdancing, and my roommates could hear the staccato beat his feat were pounding out and came to see what I was watching.