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Friday, June 02, 2006

Spiders of Vietnam

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Wow Spiders are really not normally the kind of thing that interests me, but these photos are wonderful and the descriptions are passionate. I don't hate Spiders like some people, but I prefer to avoid the large ones and thus there were moments when looking through these photos that I got a little squeamish.

Ultimately, these photos allow you to see the powerful beauty of these creatures, and to see details that you would normally never notice. There are some really exotic examples of spiders here, and it's amazing how diverse and different some of these creatures are. Some spiders mimic ants, while others grow in spiky star shaped patterns so that they won't get eaten.

Here is the description for the picture above:
Lynx spiders have small eyes and correspondingly poor eyesight. This forces lynx spiders to use a "wait and snatch" hunting strategy, rather than the jumping spider's strategy of walking (and jumping) around until they find something. The lynx spider strategy might also help to explain why most of them have long spines on their legs; as well as possibly allowing them to detect air movements and other hints of approaching prey, they might also help to corral their prey within the grasp of their long legs, before moving in for the kill.

In other news, I apologise for my lack of posting lately. I have been really busy this week with interviews, resumes, rent, birthday parties, family, cleaning and a girlfriend. Also the Internet has been slightly boring this week, but I promise to put up some interesting curiosities in the next couple of days.

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